SilcSkin Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Pads & Skin Care Products help reduce and manage facial & body wrinkles resulting from aging, facial expressions, gravity, sleeping [on your side], sun & weather exposure. The medical grade silicone treats wrinkles as if they were scars, pulling the skin’s natural moisture to the surface, hydrating the skin and improving the collagen structure. Join the wrinkle-removal revolution!

We are looking for Retail Partners. Are you interested in selling SilcSkin products? Kindly complete, sign [approve] and return our online registration form below, forward the required documents to the corresponding email address below.


With the online authorisation below, the Reseller acknowledges he / she has read completely and understands the Agreement, voluntarily agrees to adhere to all Terms & Conditions outlined in this Agreement and terms found on the website or other legal documentation, understands the legal consequences of breach of contract.

Upon receipt of your completed, signed & approved Retail Partner Agreements, these will be finalised & undersigned by Distributor and a copy returned to Retailer.

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Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Pad Sets { ORIGINAL }

Wholesale € 18,75 / Suggested Retail € 39,50 { € 36,00-42,00 }
SilcSkin™ Collette Pad { 1 PAD }
SilcSkin™ Decollette Pad { 1 PAD }
SilcSkin™ Eye Pad Set { 6 PADS }
SilcSkin™ Facial Brow Pad Set { 3 PADS }
SilcSkin™ Facial Multi-Area Pad Set { 4 PADS }


Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Pad Sets { XL COMBINATION }

Wholesale € 27,50 / Suggested Retail € 57,75 { € 53,00-59,50 }
SilcSkin™ Full Face Pad { 7 PADS }


SilcSkin™ Skin & Product Care

Wholesale € 16,95 / Suggested Retail € 32,75 { € 27,00-36,00 }
SilcSkin™ Cleanser { SKIN & PAD CLEANSER }


SilcSkin™ Skin Care

Wholesale € 15,25 / Suggested Retail € 31,50 { € 27,00-36,00 }
SilcSkin™ Treatment { SILICONE CRÈME }
UK & Swiss Pricing differs from Euro Zone countries
Original Pad Sets: £ 30,00 – 38,00 / 40,00 – 50,00 CHF
XL Combination Pad Sets: UK £ tbd /  tbd CHF
Skin & Product Care: £ 24,00 – 31,00 / 33,00 – 42,00 CHF



≥ 20 ≤ 200 = -0,00 / ≥ 12 ≤ 200 = -0,00
≥ 201 ≤ 400 = -0,25 / -0,00
≥ 401 ≤ 600 = -0,50 / -0,15
≥ 601 ≤ 800 = -0,75 / -0,15
≥ 801 = -1,00 / -0,15
* Minimum Order = 20x PADS { Original / XL } / Minimum Order = 12x SKIN & PRODUCT CARE { Cleanser / Treatment } any combination of pads / skin care is possible



The Minimum Advertised Price applies to sales via 3rd party online marketplaces, sales channels for example Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Rakuten or national versions like Hit Meister [DE], Marktplaats [NL]. Calvet Cosmetics, SilcSkin USA / Europe has the exclusive right to determine which Retail Partners are permitted to sell SilcSkin products via 3rd party channels. Only pre-approved Retail Partners with signed MAP agreements are permitted to market our products on these alternative sales channels.
€ 37,50 – SILICONE ANTI-WRINKLE PADS / ORIGINAL PAD SET United Kingdom   £ 32,00  / Switzerland 42,00 CHF
€ 54,75  – SILICONE ANTI-WRINKLE PADS / XL COMBINATION PAD SET United Kingdom   £ 00,00 / Switzerland 00,00 CHF
€ 30,75  – SKIN & PAD CARE PRODUCTS / CLEANSER United Kingdom   £ 00,00 / Switzerland 00,00 CHF
€ 29,50  – SKIN & PAD CARE PRODUCTS / TREATMENT United Kingdom   £ 25,25 / Switzerland 32,50 CHF
* Price List effective 01 January 2019 and is subject to change without previous notification.
** Within the European Community sales to be based on the Euro exchange rate equivalent for non-Euro currency countries.
*** Product pricing is dependant on $ <> € exchange rates [SilcSkin products are manufactured and imported from the USA]




Calvet Cosmetics is the Manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor of the SilcSkin brand, a forward-thinking cosmetics company dedicated to developing non-invasive methods of fighting wrinkles. We have developed a series of anti-wrinkle & skincare innovations specifically engineered to solve aging and wrinkle forming related skin conditions. Not only a standalone solution, our products work great in extending the working of various dermatological treatments.
SilcSkin Europe manages the development of and support to Retail Partnerships within the EMEA territory: Europe, North Africa & Middle East. Calvet Cosmetics / SilcSkin USA requires parties interested in becoming a SilcSkin Retail Partner [reseller] to complete, sign and return the following Retail Partner Application { RPA }, and, if relevant the Minimum Advertised Price Agreement { MAP }. Authorized resellers shall agree to adhere to the terms & conditions found in above mentioned agreements and the customer Product Price List { PPL } in marketing and selling of SilcSkin™ products.



The Agreement between SilcSkin Europe and Retail Partners within the territory shall come into effect upon receipt of all requested documentation, information and joint signature of Reseller and Distributor respectively. Retailer confirms to voluntarily agree to submit all disputes to a judicial referee. In doing so, Retailer voluntarily gives up important constitutional rights to trial by judge or jury, as well as rights to appeal. Retailer is advised to its right to have an independent lawyer of its choosing to review these provisions, and this entire agreement, prior to initialling this provision or signing this Agreement. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed to transfer or assign any such rights to Retailer.
Submitting this information acknowledges the Reseller has read and understands, voluntarily agrees to submit to the terms and agreements as stated in this Retail Partner Agreement { RPA } and in the event of pre-approval of making 3rd party online market sales  [e.g.: Amazon, eBay, Facebook, local/national variants] the Minimum Advertised Price Agreement { MAP }. Reseller is advised to seek legal counsel regarding the provisions found in this and all SilcSkin agreements prior to initialling this provision or signing this Agreement. Provide complete and legible information, sign and return, [digitally sent & returned via Adobe Echo].



Reseller is held to provide complete & accurate information, for contractual reasons and liability coverage.
Kindly forward copies of the following [pdf] documents to
  1. Resale license {if applicable}
  2. Chamber of Commerce registration & number
  3. National tax authority registration & European Value Added Tax { EU VAT* } number
* Only an approved EU VAT number is registered and accepted by the EU for shifting VAT from 21% to 0%





SELLER : Retail Partner
DISTRIBUTOR : SilcSkin Europe / SilcSkin Nederland
MANUFACTURER : Calvet Cosmetics
SUPPLIER : Calvet Cosmetics



This Agreement embodies the entire understanding of the parties and supersedes and replaces all other agreements (written or oral) between the parties relating to this subject matter, and Retail Partner [Reseller] shall not be allowed to make any change, modification or amendment, unless Retail Partner receives prior approval from Supplier & Distributor in writing.


  1. Agreement the Agreement between Distributor & Retail Partner in the matter of the provision of products, services, the performance of activities and / or the delivery of goods.
  2. Product this agreement relates exclusively to the purchase of SilcSkin™ products, produced by Supplier / Manufacturer imported by Distributor and sold by the Retail Partner.
  3. Supplier / Manufacturer: SilcSkin USA, Calvet Cosmetics LLC, 14900 Magnolia Street, Sherman Oaks CA, 91413, USA Email:, Tel: {818} 785.1101
  1. Distributor / Importer: SilcSkin Europe SilcSkin Europe, 2e Schansstraat 65-A, 3025 XL Rotterdam, the Netherlands Email:, Tel: +31.6.4162-7810,
  1. Retailer / Buyer is the Retail Partner named ‘Reseller’ as indicated in this agreement, the natural or legal person to whom products and / or services are provided or delivered as indicated below in this agreement.
  2. Territory the Agreement is limited to Europe, the (EC) European Trade Zone, Non-EU Europe countries including the United Kingdom, additionally the Middle East, { North} Africa. The agreement between Supplier, Distributor and the Retail Partner defines permissions and limitations to the area in which Retail Partner’s marketing and sales of SilcSkin products activities may occur.



Each of the parties hereto agree to keep confidential all information including, without limitation, the terms of this and all other agreements, business and financial information, product designs, customer and vendor lists; pricing and sales information concerning Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor and / or Retailer.



Retailer acknowledges and agrees that Supplier’s products are subject to European and U.S. Export Administration Laws and Regulations. Reseller agrees that none of the purchased product, is being or will be acquired for, shipped, transferred or re-exported, directly or indirectly, outside the EMEA territory, unless specifically authorized by Supplier / Distributor.



Supplier warrants all Products to be free from defects in material or workmanship, for a period of ninety (90) days, from the date of delivery. Reseller will manage either store credit or product replacement with their customers. Reseller shall return to Distributor for full credit, defective product that is returned by consumers [including customer complaint & proof of purchase]. Distributor agrees to accept all returns, issuing full refund or credit at Reseller’s option. 



Reseller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Supplier / Distributor, it’s subsidiaries, affiliates, their directors, officers, employees, agents, partners, members, shareholders & owners, against all claims, actions, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, judgments, settlements, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) insofar as such losses, or actions in respect thereof, arise from or are based on:
  1. Any failure or breach of any representation, warranty, covenant, or agreement made by Reseller herein;
  2. Any misuse of Distributor / Supplier’s name or trademark.
  3. Any claim related to Reseller’s website, including, without limitation, content therein not attributable to Distributor / Supplier.
If any action or proceeding is brought against Supplier / Distributor due to any of the foregoing matters, Reseller shall defend Supplier / Distributor at Reseller’s expense by counsel reasonably satisfactory to Supplier / Distributor. Supplier / Distributor need not pay any such claim to be defended or indemnified.
In the event, any action, suit or proceeding is brought against the Reseller due to the sole actions of Supplier / Distributor or Manufacturer and not to any action or contributing failure of the Reseller, the Reseller shall at once give notice in writing to Supplier / Distributor and provide Supplier / Distributor with the opportunity to defend against such action. Supplier / Distributor shall advise the Reseller within thirty days if it and/or its liability insurance carrier will undertake the defence. This decision rests solely with Supplier / Distributor. In any case, Suppliers / Distributor’s liability insures solely to the Reseller specified herein, not to third parties.



Supplier shall provide a copy of Product Liability Certificate Insurance and endorsement naming Reseller as an additional insured upon request. Insurance is good during the entire duration of this agreement and for 3 months after the last presentation of the Supplier’s product.
Failure to notify the Supplier / Distributor of names and addresses of retail outlets / sales channels used by the Reseller to will automatically void this Agreement.



Supplier / Distributor reserves the right to modify any terms and conditions contained in this Agreement at any time. Distributor shall timely inform Reseller in writing of any changes of the Agreement. Reseller is not permitted to transfer this Agreement or any obligation from the Agreement to third parties without the written consent of Distributor.



Reseller shall make 100% Payment within fourteen days of invoice date, in the Euro currency, in advance of shipment, unless expressly agreed to otherwise. Failure to make timely payment will result in cancellation.



A minimum quantity of product applies to each Product Order:
  1. Silicone Anti-Wrinkle Pads: 20 product minimum, any combination
  2. Skin / Product Care Products: 12x product minimum, any combination



By applying for a SilcSkin Retail Partnership, the reseller accepts being subject to and agrees to adhere to terms on pricing as outlined herein Retail Partner Agreement { RPA}, Product Price List { PPL } & Minimum Advertised Price Agreement { MAP }, which are provided to Reseller by SilcSkin Europe when this agreement is completed and signed by both Reseller & Distributor.
* Product Price List { PPL } & Minimum Advertised Price Agreement dated 01/01/2019
  1. Product Prices are based on the EURO currency;
  2. Product Orders shall be invoiced and paid in the Euro currency;
  1. Wholesale prices are exclusive of import / export duties, shipping, handling, Value Added Tax { NL-21% }, applicable taxes, expenses including but not limited to invoices by engaged third parties;
  2. Wholesale prices and eventual discounts are subject to change at any time in the duration of this Agreement;
  3. Distributor shall, within reason, notify Reseller within 30 days of planned price changes & discontinued items;
  4. Distributor reserves the right to increase prices without notification if increase results from a right or obligation by law, regulations, unexpected / unplanned nature or determining factors such as cancellation, import-export duties, exchange rates, production costs, shipping, taxation, or grounds not reasonably foreseen;
  5. A cancellation as referred to in the previous paragraphs of this article shall not entitle Reseller to compensation for any damages.



While SilcSkin offers local market information regarding the local Suggested Retail Price, it is the Reseller that determines the actual retail price [selling price] for their customers.



The Minimum Advertised Price applies to sales via 3rd party online marketplaces, sales channels for example Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Rakuten or national versions like Hit Meister [DE], Marktplaats [NL]. Calvet Cosmetics, SilcSkin USA / Europe has the exclusive right to determine which Retail Partners are permitted to sell SilcSkin products via 3rd party channels. Only pre-approved Retail Partners with signed MAP agreements are permitted to market our products on these alternative sales channels.
Reseller accepts the guidelines found in the Minimum Advertised Price { MAP }, shall not advertise the product lower than the current MAP. Reseller agrees to advertise the MAP price in the local currency or the EURO equivalent value in non-euro countries. Supplier / Distributor will communicate in advance with Retail Partners regarding changes to the MAP agreement.



Reseller, nor its agents and / or representatives, shall not violate any European, United States, International, National, Federal or State laws, rules or regulations in the purchase, sale or resale of any of Supplier’s products.



Sale of SilcSkin product to Reseller does not and will not violate European, United States, International, National, Federal or State laws, rules or regulations. Distributor has the full rights to sell its products. Distributor’s sale of product to Reseller and subsequent resale to Reseller’s customers {consumers} does not and will not violate and trademark, patent, service mark, trade secret or similar such right. 



Supplier agrees to ship Product Orders within 72 hours of receipt of full payment of Product Order Invoice, unless otherwise requested. Reseller shall be obligated to take delivery of the goods at the time that these are made available to him / her by the shipping company. If Reseller refuses to take delivery or is negligent in supplying information or instructions that are required for delivery, Distributor shall have the right to return the goods to the place of shipment at the expense of Retailer.
A package damaged during transit must refused or claimed by the Reseller at the time of delivery for the Distributor to assume responsibility. Reseller is held to inspect the delivery or have the delivery inspected immediately after the goods were made available to him/her. The risk of loss, damage or value decrease shall transfer to Reseller at the time when goods are delivered to Reseller and / or to any third parties engaged by him/her.



Supplier may terminate Reseller’s rights under this Agreement in case of breach of contract by Reseller
  1. Both Retailer & Distributor may prematurely terminate the Agreement always in writing with due observance of a term of notice of 30 (thirty) days.
  2. If one of the parties becomes bankrupt, requests suspension of payment or ceases its activities, the other party shall have the right to prematurely terminate the Agreement without any requirement to observe a term of notice.



This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with, and in all respects, be governed by, the laws of the Netherlands in conformance with the Vienna Sales Convention. Retailer confirms to voluntarily agree to submit all disputes to a judicial referee. In doing so, Reseller voluntarily gives up important constitutional rights to trial by judge or jury, as well as rights to appeal. Reseller is advised to its right to have an independent lawyer of its choosing to review these provisions, and this entire agreement, prior to initialling this provision or signing this Agreement.



No waiver in any one or more instances of any breach or default under the provisions of this Agreement shall affect the rights to enforce such provisions or to exercise any right or remedy in the event of any subsequent default or breach.



Supplier / Distributor shall make available all and any available artwork, photos, descriptions, endorsements, benefits and awards to differentiate the product and help Reseller develop the most compelling marketing plan possible.



Reseller shall make no trademark, service mark, copyright, license or patent infringement. No false advertising, unfair competition, trademark dilution or similar.
Reseller agrees to not create, publish, distribute, advertise, or print any material that refers to Supplier / Distributor or use our names or any of our trademarks, for any marketing or promotional materials, whether print, broadcast or electronic, without first submitting such material to Supplier / Distributor and receiving our written consent.
Supplier / Distributor has the legal right to refuse to sell, or allow any or all its trademarked products to be sold to anyone, who in Supplier / Distributor‘s opinion will cause harm to the image or marketability of its products.



Resellers selling online are required to redirect foreign customers and vendors to the proper territories if that territory is under an exclusive distributorship. Within EMEA Reseller’s customers are to be referred to SilcSkin Europe.
Retailers shall block the countries listed from their online pay source so that no orders may go with regards but not limited to the following countries:




Spanjaardstraat 23, Unit #7, 3025 TG Rotterdam, The Netherlands



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